Saturday, May 21, 2011

BYU drops Home Opener to Fresno Fuego - 20 May 2011

It's been raining most of the week, but the weather cleared in time for the game leaving conditions just about perfect for a night of soccer. Sadly, the recent bead weather seems to have scared people away. A lot of people missed an entertaining, if chippy, game.

Fresno put BYU on their heels with a piercing run and score off of the opening kick-off. The Cougars never quite recovered. Playing on a wet field that seemed to slow them down a half step, the boys in blue always seemed to be just behind the final pass, though they were able to rattle two shots off the woodwork. The Fuego adapted better to the field conditions and put two more balls into the goal.

One strike, the third, was particularly beautiful. With his back to BYU's goal, Tyler Reinhart chested down a pass from Gustano Cignetti. In one fluid motion, Reinhart spun and took his shot putting the ball past keeper Cory Cosgrove.

BYU should take away some positives from the game. They had several dangerous looking runs. BJ Pugmire was unlucky not to put away a goal or two. I'm sure the team will be looking to put things right on Tuesday when they play their in state rivals, the Ogden Outlaws.

It might not be the level of MLS, but I'm sure glad to have a PDL team in my backyard.

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