Friday, April 27, 2007

RSL Keeper News

I haven’t seen this news anywhere but the Salt Lake Tribune yet, but it seems that there will be changes in who’s keeping goal (at least for Monday night. I think this is a positive move, but I’d still like to see the RSL Front Office pony up and “sign Kasey Keller”:

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More RSL 'Keeper news (sort of)

One of the players my son and I watched take some extra training the other day was Keeper Kyle Reynish. It was fun to hear him challenging the other guys as they were practicing two-touch finishing. I hope he’ll be able to get some game time in (even if it’s just with the reserve team) this year.

Another of RSL’s drafted goal keeper might also get some game time in this year (albeit at the USL-1 level). Chase Harrison, who RSL picked 26th overall in the 2006 Supplemental Draft, has signed with the Rochester Raging Rhinos.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

RSL training

My son and I ran over to the Lakeside Soccer Complex during lunch to watch the RSL training. We go there just as the official stuff was wrapping up, but we did get to watch Jeff Cunningham and Mehdi Ballouchy chatting (it looked like they were talking about attacking approaches, but I wasn't close enough to hear them) and then several of the guys taking some extra practice (crosses and finishes). It was a pretty cool way to kill 30 or 40 minutes. Maybe we'll take an early lunch someday soon and watch part of the regular training session.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

USL Broadcasting Kickoff on FSC

I ‘pvr’d the Fox Soccer Channel Charleston v Minneapolis game last night and am watching it this morning. I was a bit disappointed to see that they trimmed about 10 minutes off of the front end of the second half “due to time constraints”.

It wasn’t a great game, so I’m sure I didn’t miss much. I’m really glad they didn’t cut it off of the end of the game. I’d rather they hadn’t cut it at all though.

As for the game itself; the crowd was a bit sparse but I could hear drumming and horns throughout the game. The field had a lot of divots and spme thin spots, but didn’t have the (american) football markings I see in so many of the MLS games. There were some bursts of good looking play from both sides too. I enjoyed watching the game, and am looking forward to next weeks game.

Even though the game ended in a draw, the Battery looked like the better side, really taking charge in the final 25 minutes or so of the game, with some nice chances being spoiled on close offsides calls.

Kasey Keller To RSL: A move I'd love to see

Not too long ago Janah Freedman wrote an article about Kasey Keller coming to the MLS for Sports Illustrated. In it, he talked about the fact that Kasey Keller nearly signed with RSL back in 2004, and how it was a place that he’d really like to end up. As an RSL fan, I can see a lot of value in bringing him here.

He’d make a great face for the team, hopefully drawing in a number of fans. Kasey Keller is one of the most recognized US players over the last 10 years. He’d bring a measure of international respect and should draw some interest from casual fans in the area.

He’d immediately become the top goalie in the league, and make the RSL ‘D’ much better. Let’s face it, Nick Rimando hasn’t been set the world on fire with his goal keeping skills. Chris Seitz probably needs some more time to adapt to the higher skill level and speed of MLS teams. Having a keeper of Keller’s quality would be huge.

Over the long term, Keller would be great for Chris Seitz. Just imagine what he could learn in a year or two as the understudy to a world renowned keeper would do for him technically. Given Keller’s desire to stay in the area even once he finishes out his playing career, he could continue to impact the team (and especially the keepers) for a number of years to come. If he has any coaching aspirations, he’d certainly be in a great position to get his start here as well.

Will it happen? I don’t know—but I sure hope so.

Opening Post

Who am I and why is a computer geek like me writing about futbol?

Back in my youth, I played a lot of futbol (well, okay, it was soccer, then fussball). I remember watching training movies about ball control and shooting starring Pele1—no, not videos, these were 8mm movies that our coach would show us. Then my knees gave out and I had to put playing aside. At that point, there wasn’t any good way to watch

I’ve been a pretty casual fan. I never got a chance to take in a NASL game, but I have been to MISL, USISL, and MLS games. I’ve also watched televised World Cup games. Lately, I’ve been getting back into things, watching a variety of games on FSC, ESPN2, and anywhere else I can find one.

Most of my focus is on “US Soccer” (MLS and the various USL leagues—especially my local PDL team, the BYU Cougars). I’m also watching the EPL and trying to learn more about the Mexican top level teams2.

Beyond the beautiful game, I’m hyper focused on computers, systems engineeering, and programming (mostly with Ruby and Erlang). I’m also actively engaged in my churchoccasionally blogging, working as a Scout Master, and volunteering my time in a variety of ways.

1 One thing that sticks out in my memory is Pele talking about waking up early and practicing his dribbling and shooting in the the cold so that the feel of the ball was magnified. I spent a lot of mornings after that dribbling around and shooting at our fence in the dew.

2 I’m really looking forward to the SuperLiga (or, see Wikipedia).