Saturday, April 21, 2007

Kasey Keller To RSL: A move I'd love to see

Not too long ago Janah Freedman wrote an article about Kasey Keller coming to the MLS for Sports Illustrated. In it, he talked about the fact that Kasey Keller nearly signed with RSL back in 2004, and how it was a place that he’d really like to end up. As an RSL fan, I can see a lot of value in bringing him here.

He’d make a great face for the team, hopefully drawing in a number of fans. Kasey Keller is one of the most recognized US players over the last 10 years. He’d bring a measure of international respect and should draw some interest from casual fans in the area.

He’d immediately become the top goalie in the league, and make the RSL ‘D’ much better. Let’s face it, Nick Rimando hasn’t been set the world on fire with his goal keeping skills. Chris Seitz probably needs some more time to adapt to the higher skill level and speed of MLS teams. Having a keeper of Keller’s quality would be huge.

Over the long term, Keller would be great for Chris Seitz. Just imagine what he could learn in a year or two as the understudy to a world renowned keeper would do for him technically. Given Keller’s desire to stay in the area even once he finishes out his playing career, he could continue to impact the team (and especially the keepers) for a number of years to come. If he has any coaching aspirations, he’d certainly be in a great position to get his start here as well.

Will it happen? I don’t know—but I sure hope so.

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