Monday, July 30, 2007

BYU Season wrap-up

While the season didn’t end the way BYU wanted it to, a 0-3 shutout in the Western Conference finals at the hands of the Fresno Fuego, the team certainly has some things to feel good about after the 2007 season:
  • The Cougars 13-1-2 season marks their best PDL campaign to-date.
  • Two of their players were named to the all-conference team; Brock Trejo (M) and Hugh Van Wagenen (D)
  • They had six Team of the Week honors (including a Player of the Week) during the sixteen week season.
  • Brandon Gilliam, their starting goalkeeper, was second in the league in Goals Against Average with a .707 rating for the season.

The 2007 season also marks the last season for six departing seniors and assistant coach Brian Jolley.

This loss won’t be the last game that BYU plays in 2007 though. They’re promising a series of friendlies in the fall, though I’ve not seen any specifics yet.

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