Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jason Kreis, On The Hot Seat?

Color me surprised. Bruce McGuire, over at du Nord put out his list of three MLS coaches on the hot seat. His list looked like this:

  1. Fernando Clavijo – Colorado – rumored to be gone any day, but the geniuses who run the Colorado team don’t want to pay him and new coach. So they rot.
  2. Frank Yallop – LA – his team stinks, and the rumors of chaos in LA get louder all the time.
  3. Jason Kries – Salt Lake – absolutely nothing has changed since he took over except they got rid of one of the best goal scorers ever in MLS. Yes, Kries is green, but I believe he has no chance of turning this thing around. Could it be the Checketts curse? Maybe we should look up the New York Knicks record while he ran that team. I bet it’s sorry and only got worse over time, not better.

The first two names on the list make a lot of sense, and would probably show up on just about anyones list, but Jason Kreis surprises me. Not because RSL is doing well, but because of the awful mess he inherited. I’ve got to think that Kreis will be given at least the rest of the season to turn things around.

While there’s certainly a lot of local unhappiness over the team (see RSLFM, AYL, and KUTV among others), I don’t think that changing coaches again would help that—now if RSL would make some other front office changes, that might go over well.

Of course, there’s no telling what the next step in Dave Checkett’s diabolical plan is, but I hope it’s not dumping Kreis without giving him the time (and training) he needs to have a fair shot at turning things around.


Anonymous said...

I really like the dunord report, but Bruce definitely is a Checketts/RSL hater. It doesn't matter what the new is for RSL, Bruce always comes down hard on them.

He still thinks the Stadium isn't getting built.

Even I would have to say Kreis is probably on the top 3 for potential firings (you can't win 1 game and not be on that list). But Bruce is always anti-RSL.

Anonymous said...

Just to set the record straight, I did a bit of research and found that while Checketts was with the Knicks and MSG in general both teams made the playoffs for 14 straight years. Stanley cup was won, Knicks went to the NBA finals and Eastern Conference finals 4 times. Since he left both clubs have struggled significantly and only the rangers have shown some chance of returning to previous form.