Wednesday, April 23, 2008

2008 Week Four Scariness

Last weeks scariness rankings were impacted by an error I made in caclulations … This week I’ve tried to ensure no such wonkiness has occured. This week’s edition also contains a new feature—I’ve added a sparkline-style graphic showing points earned over the last several games (I’ll add a similar graphic showing scariness fluctuations as the season progresses).

Kansas City has really pushed to the front of the pack this week, with Columbus looking like a strong second. The third through sixth spots aren’t as firm.

LA has cemented a place at the bottom of the table, but I think the 7-13 spots will continue to see a lot of flux as the teams build a bigger body of work to be evaluated against.

Team Ranking Scariness
KC 1 13.96
CLB 2 11.25
NY 3 10.33
DAL 4 9.78
CHI 5 8.73
COL 6 8.25
NE 7 7.92
TOR 8 7.88
HOU 9 5.4
SAN 10 5.25
CHV 11 5.18
DC 12 4.73
SLC 13 4.6
LA 14 3.8

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