Tuesday, June 5, 2007

More on the Cassar, Kreis, and Mellor Snafu

There are a variety of stories floating around about RSL's hiring of Jeff Cassar, and they paint a strange picture. First of course was the hiring itself, and Coach Kreis' description of the 'comfort factor' that Cassar would bring to the team. The timing was odd, and Kreis' language left a lot of fans feeling less than comfortable. Next came the fine and loss of a 2nd round draft pick next year. Again, you heard a lot of fans expressing frustration at what seems like a rookie mistake. Most recently, AYL has published a story claiming that the hiring was a result of miscommunication between Kreis ad Cassar — the two of them talked, Kreis talked about working together in the future, Cassar took that as a job offer, and hilarity (or maybe something else) ensued. Finally, one of my contacts has told me that while Mellor had agreed to stay, he was really Ellenger's man and wasn't likely to be a permanent fixture. If I string these together, I think I see RSL trying to make some long term plans around goalkeeping and being forced to act on them much sooner than they'd thought/hoped. A little more misery for a team that's already got more than there fair share. Hopefully, everyone involved has learned from this fiasco, and the future will be brighter.


Donk said...

Things like this make me want to scream obscenities.

Anonymous said...

Me too Donk.