Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Seven Picks

California Victory @ BYU Cougars—2-1 California

I’m picking against the Cougs, but I’ll be rooting for them tonight with my son.

US vs El Salvador (Foxboro)—3-0 US

I think the US will really turn things on for this one, finally. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Landon get a brace.

Trinidad & Tobago vs Gautemala (Foxboro)—0-1 Guatemala

T & T will fall to the Guatemalans, and Ruiz will get another player tossed out.

Cuba vs Honduras (Houston)—1-0 Cuba

I think Cuba has the chance to pull off an upset against Honduras.

Mexico vs Panama (Houston)—2-1 Mexico

I’d love to pick against Mexico, but I don’t think that will happen. They should be able to get things put in order in time for the Gold Cup quarter finals.

Tacoma FC @ BYU Cougars—1-1 Draw

A tired BYU side, a strong Tacoma side should make this a draw, which leaves Tacoma ahead of BYU in the standings (for now).

Abbotsford Rangers @ BYU Cougars—0-1 BYU

Though they’ll be more tired than in the previous game, I still think the Cougars will be too much for the Rangers.

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