Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tonight's Refs

My son and I went to the California Victory @ BYU game last night. The crowd was larger that the last BYU game we went to, but quieter—with the exception of these guys:

Some of the BYU Crowd

The game was quite well played (even the US Open Cup observer said so as we talked after the match), although it did get a bit chippy—there were 30 fouls by my count.


The Victory controlled most of the run of play, though BYU had some nice moments throughout the match. California scored the first two goals (Raul Palomares in the 23rd and Yuri Morales in the 67th minutes). With time running out, BYU started to turn up the pressure and Daniel McKinley put in a header in the 88th minute. While BYU continued to apply pressure into the 6 minutes of stoppage time, they just couldn’t find another goal.

If you’d like to see the rest of my son’s pictures, head on over to flickr and take a look.

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