Friday, May 25, 2007

Jeff Cassar: New RSL Assistant Coach

The winds of change are still blowing around Real Salt Lake. Last week, the 3rd Degree talked about Jeff Cassar leaving FC Dallas, probably to join RSL. Early this morning, the Salt Lake Tribune reported that he had signed with RSL, replacing Peter Mellor, and would be joining the team today (along with Esky).

“The decision to let Peter Mellor go was a very difficult one for me. He is just an absolute class gentleman,” said RSL Head Coach Jason Kreis. “The only thing that makes that notion bearable is the fact that we are replacing him with Jeff Cassar, who was a longtime teammate and friend of mine in Dallas. Jeff will add some new ideas, some fresh viewpoints, and a comforting, supporting factor for me, unrivaled by anyone. The players will all enjoy his spirit and he will quickly become an absolute treasure to this staff and to this club.” (from the RSL Press Release dated 05/24/2007 7:52PM.)

Cassar is a former golkeeper for three MLS teams as well as a pair of english clubs. He is joining RSL as an assistant coach.

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Justin Durst Jr said...

Another solid decision by Kreis. Mellor is a great guy, but has made poor goalkeeping decsisions for the club.