Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Three Lists for May 29th

Here’s this week’s installment of my list of three lists. There was enough changes from my lists from last week that I’ll keep the top three and bottom three lists this week. I’m adding a list of USL players I’d love to see on RSL’s roster in place of the coaches list.

Top Three Teams:
  1. New York Red Bulls (scariness 2.04—they’e outscored their opponents 7-0 in the last two games, and they’re still filling in for injured starters)
  2. Colorado (scariness 2.28—the only team without a loss in the lsat five games)
  3. Kansas City Wizards (scariness 1.96—knocking of the Revolution is a pretty good indicator that you’re doing something right)
Bottom Three Teams:
  1. Chicago Fire (scariness 0.24—being shut out by NY then drawing with RSL doesn’t bode well)
  2. Real Salt Lake (scariness 0.54— Jason Kries and his team badly need a win)
  3. Columbus Crew (scariness 0.92— winless in their last four games, but at least they’re scoring)
Three Players USL Players I’d Like to See on RSL’s Roster
  1. Scott Palguta (2 time Weekly Pro Honors, D Rochester Raging Rhinos)
  2. Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar (2 time Weekly Pro Honors, M Seattle Sounders)
  3. Martin Nash (2 time Weekly Pro Honors, M Vancouver Whitecaps)

I’ve listed the scariness rating for each team in the first two lists. These are from this weeks scariness list, which I’ll release on Thursday (after Jeff builds his collective rankings list).

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