Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Slam at RSL

“Now RSL is even more like the Blitzz. Except the Blitzz won trophies and charged $8 to sit behind the visiting team’s bench.”—comment on the RSLFM Report

Ouch! But I’d sure like an $8 seat behind the opposition’s bench to yell, clap, sing, and generally be rowdy. And, you know, some silverware would sure be nice.

So, how is RSL acting like the Blitzz? Well, they brought in two RSL Youth Development team players for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday’s practices to help fill in for some roster vacancies due to injury and U20 call ups. That’s not quite where the Blitzz were, with a High School player on the roster (though Maybe Freddy Adu counts there) but it does show some out of the box thinking.

Coach Kreis pointed out the value to both the team and the youth players:

“It’s obviously beneficial for us, because we need numbers, but it’s also beneficial to them because it exposes them to this environment, and I think it needs to be a perk that’s involved with being a part of RSL’s youth development teams,”

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