Monday, May 28, 2007

That's Just Sad

Saturday morning, the Dallas Morning News carried a story titled Soccer players are starving artists this morning. It’s centered around Dominic Oduro, a developmental player for FC Dallas. A couple of points it brings up:
  • Oduro spends 1/3 of his monthly income on rent (not including utilities—and that’s sharing the apartment with a teammate.
  • He cooks for himself and “eats rice and some kind of stew with vegetables and plantains. Once in a while, he eats chicken.”
  • He takes on extra jobs to help cover expenses, often taking two coaching jobs a day.

Perhaps most telling was a chart at the end of the article comparing the wages of some other jobs to the $12,500 that a developmental player like Oduro makes:

Job position Avg. salary
Cooks, fast food $14,920
Waiters, waitresses $15,060
Cashiers $17,620
Parking lot attendants $17,710
Janitors and cleaners $18,160

That’s just sad.

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