Saturday, May 26, 2007

Yakima Reds @ BYU Cougars - May 25 2007

A fan takes in the game

We went to take in the Friday night BYU game at the South Field last night. The Yakima Reds (1-0-1 coming in) were the visiting team. My son manned the camera and got a lot of great pictures. (You can watch the slideshow if you like.)

final scoreboard

The game was well played, with a number of good chances on both sides. BYU controlled the run of play, and came away with a 0-1 victory on a 36th minute goal by Jake Cavanaugh. Several of the BYU players really impressed me:
  • 24 James Bindrup (D)
  • 0 Brandon Gilliam (GK)
  • 10 Brock Trejo (M)

I’m lousy at estimating, but there were probably 700 people there by midway through the first half, and a small group of fans chanting and drumming up in the bleachers.

in the shadows of the Wasatch

The field itself is nestled in the shadows of the Wasatch mountains. It’s a good looking pitch, with reasonable seating for a small crowd—a great place to take in a game.

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