Wednesday, May 16, 2007

MLS Expansion Dreams

Okay, admission time. This isn’t some well thought out list of where the MLS ought to place teams based on years of analysis. It’s just my dream of how things ought to work out. (Thanks to Jason Kreis Superstar for the idea.)

The MLS wants to grow by three teams by 2010, I’d like to see expansion beyond that. If I could make it happen, here’s what I’d do in 2008, 2010, 2012, and and 2014.

Western Div Eastern Div
Seattle Montreal
Portland Philidelphia
San Jose New York Cosmos

I could even see moving the two 2010 teams to 2012 to preserve the Seattle/Portland rivalry.

The best way for the MLS to make this happen (I think), would be to buy the existing USL1 Whitecaps, Sounders, Impact, and Timbers (either now or later) and replace them with new USL1 teams when they transition them into the MLS. I think some potential USL1 locations might be:
  • Spokane (or Tacoma), Washington
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Ft Collins, Colorado
  • Detroit, Michigan

Of course, the best course of action is to build better geographical coverage of the US and Canada at the USL2, USL1, and MLS levels then figure out how to make relegation and promotion work. (Hey, I did say this was my dream, and who’s dreams ever really tie that well to reality?)

So, what are your expansion dreams?

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