Wednesday, May 9, 2007

US Open Cup: The invisible Tournament

[New York and Los Angelas, t]he very thought of these two household names, within MLS and U.S. soccer history, conjures up classic games. East coast versus West coast. Lakers vs. Knicks. Kings vs. Rangers. Now, Galaxy vs. Red Bulls. You name it in any sport, New York versus Los Angeles is “BIG”. So why, you ask, is this game different? Well The powers that be at MLS and U.S. Soccer headquarters, I guess, have differing opinions. There is no TV. Not even tape delay. Radio…Huh! You try to find it. This game and the whole enchilada, needs coverage. Gary Richards

The whole US Open Cup needs more coverage. I find it hard to believe that there’s no media coverage of games like this. By all accounts it was a great, exciting game. But no one is going to see it. You could let Fox Soccer Channel know that you want to see it, or you can tell ESPN—better yet, tell ‘em both.

Who knows, maybe we can get some coverage for the 2008 US Open Cup.

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