Thursday, May 31, 2007

May 31 Scariness Rankings

I’ve not seen Jeff Bull’s latest collective rankings, so I can’t compare them this time around. Instead, I’m providing the my scariness score, and the corresponding rating (along with the change versus last week’s rankings).

Team Scariness Rating (change)
Colorado 2.28 1 (4)
DC United 2.16 2 (3)
New York 2.04 3 (-)
Kansas City 1.96 4 (-)
New England 1.96 4 (-3)
Dallas 1.8 6 (-4)
Toronto 1.38 7 (-1)
Chivas 1.14 8 (1)
Columbus 0.92 9 (1)
Los Angeles 0.76 10 (-2)
Salt Lake 0.62 11 (1)
Houston 0.54 12 (-1)
Chicago 0.24 13 (-6)

This means that the average change in scariness rankings was just over two slots, with big changes occuring all over the board.

Some of these rankings look a bit off, as I mentioned in my post A Bit More on Scariness. I’m still trying to come up with a way to clean them up—I’m open to suggestions.

(Oh, by the way, the USL1 and the PDL Northwest Division still have teams without enough games played to fill out their tables—maybe next week.)

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The Manly Ferry said...

Glad you popped by, Pat. Though, unfortunately, I was so deep into the project when I heard from you (and had forgotten who you were...yeah, I suck) that I could only do a shout-out.

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